Advantages of studying at an international TEFL academy

Advantages of an international TEFL academy

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Moving to another country to study, even for just 6 or 12 months, is something possible if you follow the right steps. It can be complex, but  is also an incredible experience, as you will not only learn the subjects taught in each of the classes, but you will also interact with new people, get to know other cultures and visit incredible places. At the same time, it is the perfect opportunity to gain more confidence in your possibilities as a teacher and also to get a job that guarantees you to be able to live in Spain all that time, for this reason, in this post, we show you the advantages of studying in an international TEFL academy.

8 advantages of studying in an international TEFL academy

Studying in an international TEFL Academy  will give you a lot of advantages that we will describe below:

1) Ease of accommodation and obtaining a visa

When deciding to study in an international TEFL Academy, it is important to keep in mind that foreign students are offered a great amount of help, ranging from the procedures to obtain a study visa, as well as help in finding accommodation. All with the aim of guaranteeing the wellbeing of the students and giving them a great experience.

2) Language Skills

In the TEFL international academies English is the language of instruction, and as the vast majority of students come from other countries, English is the only form of communication, both inside and outside the classroom.

Spanish is also taught to facilitate communication with students in general and can also be helpful when teaching English classes in Spain. This is why TEFL students will develop new language skills.

3) Academic Excellence in our international TEFL academy

The international academies have a highly qualified staff whose objective is to train quality professionals, capable of solving any problem that may arise in the classroom, and with sufficient knowledge to perform effectively in the different areas related to their teaching profession.

4) Extracurricular activities

In  international academies, students are offered the opportunity to do different activities in order to develop new skills and gain experiences beyond academics. These may include dance, music, sports, technology and others. But the most successful are the excursions. Spain has incredible places to visit and all very close to Madrid. Toledo, Segovia, Soria, Cuenca, etc.

5) Personalized attention

One more characteristic of international language academies is that they provide students with personalized attention, this is due to the fact that generally in these types of educational institutions there are no more than 5 or 10 students per group. This allows teachers to adapt the academic content to the needs of each person and provide solutions to any questions that may arise.

6) Better chances of finding a job

An international TEFL academy offers you a lot of advantages, but the possibility of finding a good job quickly is one of the most significant, due on the one hand to the great demand for English teachers in Spain, and on the other hand to the fact that the academies themselves offer English classes and courses to their Spanish students. As an additional benefit Tefl graduates can choose to give private classes themselves, either in person or by videoconference.

7) Make new friends thanks to our international TEFL academy

Studying at an international academy not only gives you the opportunity to learn about new cultures, but also allows you to interact and share experiences with many people, both Spanish and fellow students, and thus establish friendships that can last a lifetime.

8) Travel and get to know many places

When you are going to study at an international academy you should never limit yourself! It is a new place that will offer you many adventures; for this reason, if you are a travel lover, you will have the option to take trips all over Spain, go to museums, visit world heritage monuments, visit charming villages or wonderful protected natural spaces with a great diversity of fauna and flora.

An international TEFL academy has adequate facilities

International academies have suitable facilities to provide a comfortable environment for students, they are also fully equipped with everything necessary, and have the latest technology to facilitate the learning of the syllabus.

Enrollment offers and promotions

It is true that studying at an academy means paying tuition, which for many students is an important cost. However, these types of institutions offer promotions and offers that can make studying more affordable.

If you compare prices, study programs and characteristics of the educational centers, you will see that some of them are of very good quality without being very expensive. Select the one that suits you best!

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