The best place to study TEFL is Madrid

Live the experience TEFL Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain and much more

Madrid is not only the capital, but also the most universal and cosmopolitan city in Spain. Here you can find people from all over the world, companies of all kinds and a great economic and social diversity. That is why knowing languages, such as English, is very beneficial and gives you the possibility to get a job, especially in the educational field, since the demand for English teachers is high, and hence the importance of studying TEFL Madrid.

Keep in mind that, in order to teach English classes and earn money in person or online, you must first get certified, and the best place to study TEFL is in Madrid, without any doubt. Here we explain why.

Why do we recommend studying the TEFL Madrid?

Here are 8 reasons why we believe that studying TEFL Madrid is the best option:

1) The quality of education is very high

The main characteristic of studying in Madrid is its quality education. The qualifications obtained are recognized worldwide. Madrid schools and universities have a reputation of excellence, students are provided with training in all areas and particularly in technology, innovation and research.

In addition, it should be noted that the vast majority of institutions have ISO certification that guarantees the quality of education provided. This puts students on a successful path full of great opportunities.

2) You will get to know many different cultures

Studying in Madrid not only means that you will get to know the local culture, but also the culture of many other countries and places. This is because it is a city where many people from other continents are concentrated, especially students and adventurers who seek the thrill of the unknown, having a different life.

For this reason, you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, make new friends and live unforgettable experiences.

3) The TEFL Madrid ofer you an excellent lifestyle

Madrid is one of the most visited places in Europe because it offers incredible weather and also many historical places to visit (and most of them very close), as well as a large number of cultural events. Likewise, it has museums, restaurants, concert halls, nightclubs and an endless number of attractions that will make your life an adventure. Madrid never sleeps!

4) The educational system is varied and adapted to your needs

Educational institutions in Madrid offer different study alternatives, so you can study whatever you want. Likewise, the academic schedules are flexible, so if you want to work and study you can do so, you do not need to study full time.

5) Many opportunities to learn Spanish and get certified

In the city there are many academies dedicated to offering in-person or online Spanish courses, something that can complement very well your Tefl certification, therefore an added asset in teaching English to Spanish people.

TEFL Madrid is one of the most in demand courses, since it qualifies you to teach in Spain, thus offering you an immediate job opportunity due to the great demand for English teachers.

6) Living in Madrid has an affordable cost

Studying in Madrid has a more affordable cost compared to cities like London or Dublin.

In addition, most of the schools or universities offer scholarships for which you can apply and which greatly reduce the cost of a higher education degree. You will find many offers and promotions for all sorts of courses.

7) Many job and business opportunities thanks to TEFL Madrid

Upon completion of their studies, many students opt for a job in a recognized company or institution that allows them to generate enough money to have a stable life, while others decide to undertake an adventure and create their own business.

For both cases, Madrid is the ideal city.

Firstly, because of the excellent reputation of its educational institutions and the impeccable training that students receive, there are many job opportunities and, secondly, the city is a lively business center and the main financial hub of the country.

8) Support for foreign students that do TEFL Madrid

Support for foreigners in Madrid is fully guaranteed, particularly in the case of students who visit us to further their education. Students receive as much help as possible, ranging from support in obtaining a visa, finding accommodation, access to health centers and general advice, all with the aim of offering a quality experience during their stay.

And all this without forgetting that the people in this city are friendly and open, which will make you feel completely integrated and comfortable in Madrid life… if you decide to come and study TEFL Madrid, of course!

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