Emploiments in Spain for English speakers

Jobs in Spain for English speakers
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Learning different languages and new technologies is of vital importance for obtaining international teaching jobs worldwide. And one of the keys in learning a new language is the use of advanced ways of learning that incorporate all these technologies, but without forgetting the human touch.

It is a well-known fact that age greatly influences the learning of a new language, and that children who begin learning it early will enjoy it and assimilate it much better in the future.

Why is it possible to find jobs in Spain for English speakers?

English and Spanish are the two most widespread languages in the world, and they are in high demand in the United Kingdom, the United States and in Spain. That is why you can find international teaching jobs in Spain, such as native English speakers studying the Canterbury TEFL Course to teach English in any of our teaching abroad programmes.

The design of the British Spanish Schools Exchange Programme (BSSEP) has been adapted to the needs of each participating school and is intended as a complement to the school's own language course. With this programme, you can find TEFL jobs in Spain such as being an English teacher during the school year. Moreover, with Canterbury TEFL you also have the opportunity to work in a summer camp as an English teacher too.

This programme also provides a special incentive for students to enjoy learning a foreign language. In addition to gaining valuable language skills, it allows all participants to physically experience another culture which will serve them well in their future, possibly even as a teacher. So come to Spain to obtain a certification in teaching English as a foreign language!

There are numerous schools already participating in this interesting programme. Thus, Canterbury TEFL students will meet teachers from many different countries. This is excellent for their professional development and for their ability to network with other teachers of TEFL or TESOL certification in the future.


The British Spanish Schools Exchange Program provides a special incentive for students to learn and enjoy a foreign language.

In this way, students not only learn a language, receive classes, come to know a sporting life, experience living at a summer camp, but also open their minds to a new culture that will enrich them and make them more complete human beings in the immediate future.

Canterbury Consulting Spain, has designed and implemented a language exchange program (the BSSEP, and because of this programme you can find jobs in Spain) that matches British and Spanish schools through the following initiatives:

  • Initial contacts via e-mail exchanges and PowerPoint presentations between children paired from each school.
  • Skype connections / Webcams for work of both groups.
  • Work on projects based on specific topics that are put into practice during joint stays.
  • Annual visits of the schools where the twin school groups live together for 5 days in one of our multi-adventure educational centers.

International teaching jobs. CCS offer jobs for english speaker

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