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As an International School, Canterbury TEFL is the easiest, most affordable and exciting way to live and work abroad in Madrid. This includes our competitive prices, social activities and a guaranteed job! Madrid is the vibrant capital of Spain, which has a low cost of living, coupled with the greatest nightlife in all of Europe!



International TEFL School

Teaching one language as a Foreign Language. Intensive Hands-On Training Course. We are a professional association of professors and students from all over the world. We provide successful graduates of our program a guaranteed position with Canterbury Consulting Spain. Learn how to become certified.



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Always wanted to teach English abroad but didn't know how to find jobs? Canterbury is an expert at training teachers who want to teach abroad in Madrid. Their programs ensure that you will be able to teach ESL anywhere in the world. Don't delay and fill out an application today! Get your TEFL jobs.


International TEFL Academy in TEFL Madrid

Spanish adventures TEFL

If you already possess an accredited 120 hour TEFL certificate, we offer a Spanish Adventures Program and your job teaching classes starts immediately.

What is the program cost and what does it include?

Spanish Adventures Program 1595 euros + 1 YEAR STUDENT VISA FOR NON EU STUDENTS
Spanish Adventures Program 895 euros + SIX MONTH STUDENT VISA WITH OPTION OF RENEWAL.

Guaranteed Lifetime Job with Canterbury Consulting Spain for All Graduates (10-15 hrs. wk).
Outdoor Education and EFL Camp Counselor opportunities with English Adventures.
Lifetime Job Assistance with Other Schools.
Club Activities (Cultural, Adventurous, Social).
Spanish Language Certificate.


 Associated Spanish Language
School in Madrid:

Cronopios Idiomas spanish school for TEFL jobs in Spain


If you need to learn or improve your level of Spanish to be able to teach English in Spain, this is your school.

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    Course Dates 2024-2025

    Jan. 8 to Feb. 2
    Feb. 5 to Mar. 1
    June 3 to June 28
    Aug. 5 to Aug. 30
    Sept. 2 to Sept. 27
    Sept. 30 to Oct. 25
    Oct. 28 to Nov. 22
    Nov. 25 to Dec. 20
    Jan. 7 to Jan. 31
    Feb. 3 to Feb. 28

    Course Price   1275€
    Internship    -  300€

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      International TEFL School and teach english abroad

      Calle Covarrubias 22,
      2nd floor on the right (2º Dcha.)
      28010 Madrid, Spain
      Tel +34 91 838 0082
      Email: TEFL Course in Madrid Spain Facebook

      Top 10 Reasons to choose Canterbury:

      • Guaranteed TEFL emploiments in Madrid during the school year with Canterbury.
      • The Canterbury International TEFL Certification Course received its full accreditation at International Tesol Level 5 in 2009.
      • The Canterbury International TEFL Program has small, intimate, enjoyable classes taught in a safe and professional environment.
      • TEFL job opportunities in summer camps throughout Spain.
      • 20 hours of paid practice to teach English abroad, which is the highest number of paid practice teaching hours offered in any International TEFL Madrid program.
      • 20 hours of Children Practice Teaching and 20 hours of Business Practice Teaching.
      • Guaranteed Job References including classes on resume building & marketing oneself to other academies around the world, as well as providing valuable contacts and prestigious references for future employment.
      • A comfortable family atmosphere for working and living abroad, including membership in the Canterbury Club.
      • Canterbury Tefl students can study Spanish courses with us through our Spanish Adventures Program.
      • Our International School (International TEFL Academy) provides free internet and photocopy services for all of its teachers.

      Bilingual School

      Since 2008 we have been providing Canterbury TEFL graduates for Ucetam's auxiliary program in addition to collaborating on numerous programs to promote bilingual Spanish -English education in Spain, The United Kingdom and the United States.

      Presentation of the program BSSEP

      Cooperative bilingual schools. Exchange projects

      Cooperative bilingual schools

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