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Yes, Canterbury guarantees TEFL jobs teaching an average minimum of ten to fifteen hours a week!

No matter what you may hear, the reality is that it is very difficult to find a job in Spain. The unemployment rate is quite high. This is further compounded if you are not a member of the European Union. Most people who teach English in Spain do not work full-time at any one institution, but they work part-time at several places, so teaching abroad in Spain means doing a variety of classes to try to build up to a full-time schedule of 20-25 hours per week.

First of all, after earning your International TEFL Certificate at Canterbury, if you desire, you will be provided with a guaranteed job teaching English in Madrid! In addition, Canterbury will offer you excellent opportunities for a summer job as well, including the chance to teach young learners at summer camps, in various location throughout Spain during the months of July and August.

Teaching Abroad in Spain – Yes, it’s possible!

Other large corporate centers specialize in TEFL certificates only and do not teach English at all. We have been providing English teaching jobs for teachers in Madrid since 1991! Canterbury´s program is small and highly selective for training teachers and is designed to be specialized in both TEFL and English teaching. Thus, being accepted at Canterbury means that you automatically make that next step of looking for a job. Coming to Spain is a big move for people. By providing our TEFL students with automatic jobs, we make that move very easy.

Moreover, you will gain invaluable real ESL teaching experience in our course that is not found in other programs, and the confidence necessary to stand in front of a group of non-native English speaking students and teach English as a foreign language. After you have obtained your certificate, you will have both the opportunity to teach at any other institutions that you desire as well as a guaranteed job at Canterbury! For people who are shopping for a TEFL program, this should be a key factor in deciding which one to choose.

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