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English teaching certificate

If I have never taught before, would the Canterbury International TEFL Certificate give me the necessary qualification and experience?

The Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is a english teaching certificate, an internationally recognized qualification to teach English abroad. The Canterbury International TEFL Certificate Course was fully accredited by the College of Teachers in London, England in 2009. The current trainers on the course were all assessed and evaluated in 2009 as well.

In addition, the lead trainer, Mr. John Bouse, has over twenty-five years of teaching experience and was further awarded a diploma by the College of Teachers in 2014 for his completion of Effective Course Tutoring and Teaching of New Teachers.

Canterbury is an institutional member of the College of Teachers, ( Now the Chartered College of Teaching) as well as a member of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, and has been awarded the Golden Laurel from the Madrid City Hall and Radio Turismo, the Golden Medal from the Province of Madrid and the National Merit Award of Spain  for the excellence of its programs.

Summer camps english teachingSince 2013, Canterbury Tefl staff have been designing and implementing language immersion courses for the Madrid State Government’s  ” Consejeria de Educación, Juventud y Deporte”  at five of the Madrid Government´s Outdoor Education Centres:

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Canterbury Tefl graduates comprise the main teaching body at all English Adventures summer camps and language retreats:

Past Canterbury TEFL graduates are currently teaching abroad in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America with the prestigious Canterbury TEFL Certificate.

With the explosive growth in the demand for English instruction, the TEFL Certificate has become the common qualification overseas for entry-level teaching. The Canterbury International TEFL Certificate course is an economical, time saving option for people who want to learn how to teach English as a second language as well as to immediately start work teaching in a foreign country.

Unlike other TEFL programs, Canterbury devotes a significant amount of time concentrating on the techniques of teaching children. Every trainee participates in eight separate sessions of 2.5 hours each, or 20 hours total of children practice teaching.

TEFL it’s your english teaching certificate

Considering that 50 % of the job offers around the world involve teaching children, this is another important point to consider when shopping for a TEFL program (like english teaching certificate). Many TEFL programs, including the CELTA, cover this topic in passing, if at all. We feel this is an oversight.

Perhaps because of the shifting job market to the teaching of children, together with the major insufficiency of a children teaching section in the original CELTA program, many CELTA providers are now offering additional young learner certificate courses of 20 to 30 hours duration on aspects of teaching English to young learners for an additional 695 euros on top of the initial 1,690€ course price. Remember, CELTA stands for Certificate of English Language Teaching of Adults.

Moreover, Canterbury also dedicates a substantial amount of time directed toward the techniques of teaching business English to professionals. Again, all trainees participate in eight separate sessions of 2.5 hours each, or 20 hours total of business English practice teaching.

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