Spanish Adventures Program Details 2023

Spanish Adventures Madrid


COST: 1595 EUROS with a one year student visa
COST: 895 EUROS with a six month student visa & visa renewal option in Spain

  1. Spanish classes. The Spanish classes are generally available at the school for certain hours on various days between 10:00 am to 12:00 noon that cover different Spanish levels, depending on which students are signed up for the course. Students choose the level that best suits them and also sit in on other levels if they want. For example, an absolute beginner may want to sit in on the A1 and A2 levels and gain from it, but an A2 student probably would not find it beneficial to sit in on the beginner level class. The class size is approximately three to six students maximum per day.Spanish experience
  2. Setting up an appointment to get your NIE number (legal Spanish identification). With this number you can sign a contract to rent an apartment, open up a bank account, etc.
  3. Help with the paperwork for your Spanish Social Security Number
  4. Information packs and various maps for Madrid.
  5. Contact details to send your CV to hundreds of other English language schools.
  6. Orientation on market hiring conditions such as pay rates, contract conditions and job interviews.
  7. Orientation on interviewing at other schools and online teaching to complete your schedule (a full-time schedule is between 20 and 25 hours of teaching a week).
  8. For those who would like to work for Canterbury Consulting Spain, a personal resume (CV) session with the Director of CCS.
  9. Opening a bank account in Madrid.
  10. Through the Spanish Adventures Club, meeting other graduates, making friends and building up a social network of ex-pats living in Madrid. During the Spanish course you become part of a family, a real bona-fide home away from home.


When you arrive in Madrid and begin the Spanish Course, you will be eligible to receive ENGLISH class offers. This is important, because with this course you can be earning money in Madrid at the same time. It is a huge factor as it will help you to study Spanish while being able to support yourself as well.

Canterbury consulting Spain takes the uncertainty out of your life and guarantees a job  so that you can enjoy Spain and learning Spanish. CCS will provide you with valuable tools as well as our numerous contacts for classes in companies, online classes and classes with adults and children.


  1. Complete the Canterbury Spanish Program application form and email it to us. We will personally review it and notify you within 48 hours if you have been accepted into the program.
  2. If you have been accepted, then, we can set up a Skype session together. This is when you can ask any questions so that you are completely confident about coming to Madrid.
  3. Pay the deposit of 300 euros.
  4. After you have paid the deposit we will send you your original enrollment letter. You will need to submit this (along with other paperwork) to the Spanish Consulate in order to obtain your student visa.
  5. Finally, if you still have any specific questions concerning the Canterbury Spanish Program, please do not hesitate to contact us. For the fastest and speediest responses, please send all emails to the following address:

Come and discover our program Spanish in Spain language program


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