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Teach english in Spain and job with us

Why Teach English in Spain in a Summer Camp?

As the school year begins to wind down towards the end of June in Madrid, most English teachers start thinking about spending the summer in Spain near a beach or in the mountains, but they also need to have a job and earn money. For that we offer them to teach English in Spain during the summer. Look at our jobs in Spain for you.

Summer TEFL

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Well, with Canterbury you are given the opportunity to work in a sunny, exciting location of your choice, somewhere in Spain on an island, the coast, or in a rural area with mountains, rivers and lakes. We offer every single one of our Canterbury TEFL certification students and teachers, who have completed the TEFL course in Madrid up to June (i.e.: even if you are taking the Canterbury June TEFL course, you will be able to sign up for the Canterbury Summer Camp Program) a choice of more than 15 different, fascinating locations:

  • La Coruña (beautiful, green Galicia, where the Camino of Santiago meanders).
  • Palma de Mallorca (the famous Mediterranean island paradise).
  • Cuenca (the enchanted city).
  • Madrid (Viva Madrid!).
  • Navarra (the Pyrenees Mountains and French border province).
  • Basque Country (Hemingway territory and where the week-long, world famous San Fermines, or the Running of the Bulls, takes place in July).
  • El Escorial (the majestic, dream town that has King Felipe II's monastery of El Escorial, along with the summer residence of Spanish royalty).
  • Guadalajara (cow country).
  • Avila (a medieval Castilian town that is completely encircled by fortified Middle Age battlements).
  • Cartagena (in the coastal province of Murcia and only 1km from your daily swim and sun bathing session on a white sand beach).
  • Ciudad Real (rivers of delicious Valdepeñas wine flow through this city).
  • Albacete (this is where Don Quixote and Sancho Panza roamed from one adventure to another).
  • Cataluña (near Gaudi's monumental Barcelona).
  • Huesca (in the Pyrenees Mountains).
  • Marbella (beach town, home to the rich and famous).
  • Sepulveda (historic town with Roman and Celtic-Iberian ruins near Segovia, which has one of the few Roman Aqueducts in Europe).
  • Salamanca (the university city of the happy and fortunate).
  • Tarragona (one of the most elegant cities of the Iberian peninsula).
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Teaching abroad programs

Summer camps are a chance to travel and work around Spain during a festive time of year with sunny skies and warm weather. And no matter where you go, you will find a nearby village or town celebrating their traditional week-long "fiestas," with special events, dancing and singing into the wee hours of the morning. Find out about our teaching abroad programs.

You have to familiarize yourself with our teaching abroad programs!

Not only is this a golden opportunity to travel and discover Spain, but you will be earning invaluable work experience (as well as an income) by teaching overseas to young learners in summer camps. You will learn about Spain, the wonderful Spanish way of life (which Spaniards have transformed into an art form), as well as working as a productive member of the Spanish society. This will allow you a profound vision of Spain that a tourist could never attain. Don't forget that this country it's one of the best places to teach English abroad. You can be a language teacher in this wonderful country. In Spain, being a native English speaking teacher is highly valued.

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