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Is there any type of orientation provided when I arrive to Madrid?

Yes, everyone is welcome to join us for an orientation session at Canterbury, Madrid. Orientation is always on the Friday of the week prior to your first TEFL class at 10:30 in the morning. All the students meet with the Directors of the Canterbury Language Academy and various staff members.

After the orientation, the directors then take everyone out for an informal breakfast where everybody gets a chance to relax and converse more informally. The whole orientation covers about one or two hours and finishes sometime around 12:00 noon or 12:30 pm.

Topics and information to be covered include:

  1. Introduction to Canterbury and the TEFL Program.
  2. Introduction into the Canterbury Club.
  3. The Garcia Lorca Spanish School.
  4. English Class Administration and Classroom Guidelines.
  5. Canterbury General Rules for your English students.
  6. Wage Scale/Pay Sheets and length of stay in Madrid.
  7. Advice on Accomodation & Housing Information.
  8. Purchasing Medical Insurance.
  9. Safety in Madrid. (For example, do not bring large amounts of cash with you when you arrive at the airport! A debit card is fine.)
  10. Purchasing Cell phones.
  11. Opening up a bank account in Madrid.
  12. Advice on Subway & Bus pass information.
  13. Speak you about good TEFL teacher for you.

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