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TEFL certification cost

How Much is the TEFL Certification Cost?

Our Alumni Tell You

Daniel Langley – Blackpool, England

Dear Prospective Student, 

I graduated from the Canterbury TEFL class at the end of September. The cost was less than 1,000 euros!

So what is the TEFL all about? Well, it is divided into three separate sections. Teaching English to children, teaching English to businesses and most importantly grammar/general teaching. How many of you can honestly say you know what a Gerund or what a Phrasal Verb is? John Bouse taught us for this element of the course and he is an inspiration, he is passionate about teaching and has been a top class teacher for the whole of his life, seriously, when I look back at my teachers from school, I cannot remember a teacher who was as well prepared, lively, interesting and funny. He adds passion to teaching and surely that is what teaching is all about. He imparts lots of knowledge gained from his extensive experience, makes the classes fun and helps to prepare you properly for teaching.

So how have things gone for me since taking the course?

Well, since then, I have had a fantastic journey. I started off teaching 22 children, nine 4-year-olds, seven ten-year-olds and six 8-year-olds. Sound easy? Not at all. Kids are fantastic to teach and you gain a great deal of satisfaction from teaching them, but how exactly do you provide them structure? How do you make the classes entertaining and fun? How do you ensure that the children progress? These are the questions I asked during my Canterbury TEFL and without Canterbury’s help, practice, tips, and ideas I would have found this extremely difficult.

Almost nine months later and I am still teaching the kids, we have great fun and it is a very rewarding experience. Lindsay my teacher for the kids’ element of the TEFL class was great. She gave us lots of support, lots of ideas and we had lots of fun. Imagine a grown 25-year-old man standing in front of the class pretending to be five years old while the rest of the class kill themselves laughing and you get the idea.

As well as teaching the kids, I also teach at several big businesses. These classes are excellent and well-paid (always important). I have enjoyed teaching the business classes tremendously. My teacher for this aspect of the course was Natalie, a little stern, very professional, but good fun too, Natalie helped us understand how to be professional, how to ensure that the classes were informative, educational, but good fun too. I love teaching the classes and Natalie has been an enormous help.

So why choose Canterbury? Well, because Canterbury is your enabler, they understand the teaching market, they are all teachers themselves and they understand the difficulties of moving to a new country and a new job. They have an extensive client database and will be able to provide you with paid work immediately, some of my fellow students were working before the course had finished!

They also understand that you are in a new country, with no friends and that you might feel a little lost, so they help you to get on your feet, they don’t just provide you with the Certificate, they also help you integrate, provide a job, friends, activities and help you become a part of a great teaching family. Many of my colleagues have made friends that they will keep for the rest of their lives and I’m sure you will too.

Daniel Langley Blackpool, England — TEFL Class of September

Tim Brewer – Dallas, Texas

Dear Potential TEFL Teachers,

I took part in the Canterbury TEFL program in August and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I had my hesitations and fears about moving to another continent on my own to work for a company I didn’t know much about, but my time in the course left me feeling confident and secure. The teachers are more than willing to share information about job searching, apartment hunting and basically anything else you would want or need to know. I found the course both informative and fun as well.

Canterbury provides tons of teaching materials for you, so when you do start getting hours, you never feel unprepared. John Bouse and the rest of the staff are some of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. From going out for a beer to helping you design a lesson plan, the staff at Canterbury makes you feel welcome and supported from day one. I would encourage everyone considering this program to save up money and do it. The events Canterbury plans are always fun and something you definitely want to take part in. Furthermore, the bond you’ll have with the other students afterward will provide a network of teachers and close friends which you’ll have until you leave.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a lot like I was before I bought my ticket: scared, stressed, and unsure. If there’s one thing I can tell you, however, it’s that the people at Canterbury are so supportive and nice all of those fears will subside a lot quicker than you can ever imagine. I am totally pleased with my experience and my only regret is that I wasn’t able to stay longer. Oh, and the best part was the price — less than 1,000 euros! It was well worth every cent.

Teaching English in Spain and being part of the Canterbury TEFL program is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Good luck,

Tim Brewer Dallas, Texas  —  TEFL Class of August

Megan Burley – Bay Shore, New York

Dear Prospective TEFL Teachers,

I completed the Canterbury International TEFL Certificate Course and it only costs less than 1,000 euros.

I had just finished my junior year in college as a 21-year-old and was looking for a way to teach English in Spain for the summer. The course allowed me to do just that. The staff at Canterbury was extremely welcoming, helpful if any problems arose, and very effective at teaching the course material. Two weeks of the course took place in the heart of Madrid, right off of the main road called Gran Via which is filled with shops, restaurants, and movie theatres, etc.

The other two weeks I finished the course in the beautiful mountains of the province of Leon, about thirty minutes outside of the city of Leon. Both locations were ideal for getting a taste of Spanish culture and practicing the Spanish language! Classes were small and I was always with the same students, so our group quickly became friends. It was great to make good friends right away to travel with on the weekends, or to go out with and explore the Spanish nightlife!

After the month of courses through Canterbury, I was placed in a job at a summer camp. During the first two weeks in Madrid, I was interviewed in the same building where I took my classes and told that I had a job as a TEFL teacher! Canterbury has its own summer camps and also has connections with other companies that run camps, therefore there are opportunities to get placed in all areas of Spain. The process was very easy for me and I ended up loving the company I worked for (Forenex Summer Camps) and the experiences I had throughout the month of courses with Canterbury.

A year later, I now am applying for graduate school to become an English as a Second Language Teacher in the United States. Further, I am applying for teaching jobs both in New York City and abroad with only having the TEFL certificate I received through Canterbury. TEFL certification cost is extremely cheap, you can check their prices on their website fees and dates page. And remember that with the work they offer, the price you pay is greatly reduced.

The certificate has opened up many doors for me as well as allowed me the opportunity to explore the world while getting paid! I highly recommend getting the TEFL certificate and being certified through Canterbury International. Good Luck!

Megan Burley  Bay Shore, New York — TEFL Class of June

Amber Bailey – Boulder, Colorado

Dear Future TEFL Students: 

I’m a young professional living in Madrid, Spain and teaching English. This experience has been an ever enlightening experience. It has been incredible to be able to work and live in another country. When I first thought about coming to Spain I was very scared of living and working in a foreign country. Most people can only afford to live on their savings for so long. That was me for sure! I completed the TEFL course in January for less than 1,000 euros! It was fantastic because I began working while finishing the course. They had classes for me right away and I began a grand adventure.

The teachers were very knowledgeable and understanding. They want you to be able to teach the best that you can. They understand that many people are not teachers to begin with, and are a bit nervous about teaching. The teachers give you the tools and the confidence to be the best that you can be. The program is thorough and packed with tons of information. You receive your certificate with a great feeling to share your knowledge.

Canterbury made it fun and easy for me to transition into the Spanish world. It was comforting to know I had friends that could help me figure things out along the way. They are qualified teachers that take pride in their work and enjoy getting to know the students. They provide more than enough work in Madrid which makes it easy to make money. After receiving your certificate you can teach with other academies if you are feeling really ambitious. It’s nice to know that the work and the need are there, you just need to take advantage of them.

I know that I wouldn’t have gone to many places here in Spain if it weren’t for the Canterbury Club. It offers opportunities to see other cities and experience amazing festivals. The club sets up everything, all you need to do is go and have a great time. Most of the time there are so many people that come along that the party and festivities continue the entire day and sometimes into the night. And don’t forget that your TEFL certification cost has a discount of € 280 for your internship teaching classes as well.

I would do it over and over again. It has been a life changing experience that was worth each cent every step of the way.

Good luck and enjoy!

Amber Bailey  Boulder, Colorado — TEFL Class of January

Joanna Rhoads – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear TEFL Students,

I am a 24-year-old American who completed the TEFL program in September and taught for Canterbury for the past year.   I strongly recommend this program to anyone wanting to teach English in Spain and not sure where to go! I will take so many great memories back home with me that would not have been possible if I had not done the Canterbury TEFL program, and all for a cost of fewer than 1,000 euros!

First of all, Canterbury prepares you to teach both children’s and business classes.  They also have a library staff there to help you if you are ever short on ideas or stumped for what to prepare for a class.   I found the array of classes I had kept my teaching exciting and traveling to different locations for my classes helped me learn Madrid so much faster.

Coming to a foreign city, I was excited but also a bit unsure of what to expect.  I did not know anyone nor had I ever been to Madrid.  Canterbury helped ease my worries as I immediately had a group of friends to go through the experience within my TEFL class.  Furthermore, Canterbury plans excursions for you on the weekends.   You have the opportunity to go to a grape harvest, the enchanting city of Segovia, a Real Madrid match, and even a city-wide tomato-throwing fight at La Tomatina.

Through the Canterbury TEFL program, I not only became certified in teaching English as a foreign language, but I was able to see parts of Madrid and Spain I wouldn’t have otherwise and made lasting friendships.  I am so glad I did this program and can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it as well.

Good luck,

Joey Rhoads  — TEFL Class of October

Margaret Sroka – Richfield, Ohio

Dear Prospective TEFL teachers,

My experience in Spain would not have been the same without Canterbury. I am a certified early childhood education teacher from the United States. After graduation, I decided to take a step back and really ask myself if I was ready to become part of the 9 to 5 workday that immediately follows college. That is when I decided to research teaching English aboard.

Canterbury has given me an opportunity to make a difference and impact peoples lives in a way I never thought possible. Canterbury’s classes are extremely helpful to anyone who has never taught. The classes are well organized, knowledgeable, and give you the foundation to understand the best ways to reach out to every type of student. The staff is friendly and always willing to answer questions about anything you may need help with to make your experience in Spain comfortable and memorable. There are organized events planned monthly for you to absorb the beautiful culture and people of Spain.

Taking Canterbury’s TEFL class was one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. The course itself was less than 1,000 euros and the best feeling is knowing that I wake up every morning doing something I absolutely love! -teaching English, learning Spanish, meeting people from around the world, and living in one of the greatest cities in the world just to name a few.

Best Wishes,

Margaret Sroka – TEFL Class of September

Photo by Alicia Steels on Unsplash

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