Why should you study TEFL in Spain?

Better job opportunities with the TEFL in Spain

A country of infinite possibilities

The dynamism with which the Spanish economy develops, the innumerable cultural activities available throughout the year, and the diversity of festivals that you can find all over the country, are aspects that attract the attention of millions of foreigners. With this in mind and also as a result of the growing demand for English teachers, many visitors have been motivated to perfect their studies in the English language and in teaching it. So why should you study TEFL in Spain? We will give you some reasons to do so.

Spain: country that provides the best conditions to study TEFL

Traveling to Spain is like having love at first sight. Its history, its squares, its beautiful and radiant nature, its architectural heritage and much more, is what captures the attention. So much so that many people have decided to stay and live and work here for a while. But we also give you other reasons to study TEFL in Spain:

1) Low living costs

If you want to do  TEFL in Spain. and you have a low budget, you don’t have to worry, because you do not need to save up a lot of money. For example, you will need, approximately, for monthly expenses; 200€ for food and drinks, between 400€ and 500€ for accommodation and as little as 20€ euros for public transportation. Not bad at all!

2) Make cross-cultural friendships

Spaniards have a friendly and festive character. Therefore, going out to discover this country will be easy and fun. You will meet people who will want to meet you and invite you to their famous street parties. Due to the great variety of foreign people traveling to Spain, it will give you a great opportunity to practice your English language skills and learn other languages as well!

3) Variety of options for doing the TEFL in Spain course

The best thing about studying TEFL in Spain is that, in the larger cities of this country, you will find academies and educational centers that also give the TEFL training course to people living in territories where English is not spoken as a first language. This assures a varied and multicultural student body.

In fact, after obtaining TEFL certification in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, you can learn to teach the Toefl exam. This is with the objective of teaching English to students who do not speak it as their native language, so that they can access a university degree program in the United States.

Since state educational institutions in Spain do not usually teach Advanced Level of English courses, private academies take advantage of this to offer their services. This is a great opportunity for you if you want to increase your job prospects through a TEFL course.

Moreover, you can raise your own standards and prepare for the Cambridge Advanced English or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams. These are the most famous and recognized certifications worldwide, and it was designed for those who wish to travel to countries where English is the native language. As you can see, this is another powerful reason to study TEFL in Spain.

4) Better job opportunities with the TEFL in Spain

Apart from all the above reasons, the main reason to take the course and obtain the TEFL certification in this country is that gaining an excellent teaching background, and acquiring all the tools and techniques to teach English with the highest possible quality, will open many doors for you to get a job as a teacher here in Spain.

Demand for the English language in Spain

It is important for you to know the following data: there is a 50% increase in demand for Business English classes in Spain. There are several reasons for this:

First of all, getting a better job is motivating many Spaniards to raise their level of English. A total of 63% of the population already speaking English to some degree. Companies are now demanding personnel with a good level and no longer accept employees with a low level of English.

Secondly, people also study it for personal and professional growth, plans to live abroad and  also to be prepared for job interviews.

Unfortunately, the subject of English in state schools is still often taught using, traditional outdated, methodology. This can be simple, tedious, and impractical and not always meeting student´s desired objectives.

As a counterpart to the above, if you do the TEFL in Spain you will be taught by EFL instructors highly trained in modern, dynamic methodologies. This will allow you to teach English to eager students looking for a new take on English language learning. You will gain the best tools and practices so that you can be a high quality teacher and meet the requirements established by the British Council.

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